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Anonymous asked: Hello! I am in a online relationship with my Daddy, we Skype and chat often and it is so nice :-D I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for us to explore my little space together over skype? Like what activities/things could we do together over the webcam. Any suggestions will be very appreciated! <3 xx

JG: I’m not nin an LDR with my DD but I’ve heard of a few things other couples do that works. It really depends on what you enjoy doing while in little space.. You could Get out the stuffies and watch a movie together. Maybe.he can ship you a coloring book and talk with you while you color. He can read you bedtime stories.

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Anonymous asked: What advice would you give to q little that is going threw depression because of rejection by her "daddy".

KS: Make sure you take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat a balanced diet and get some exercise. Find your support, whether it be friends, family, groups on social media, counselling, etc. Make sure you utilize them! Don’t try to do this alone! Pamper yourself a little bit, get your hair or nails done, buy yourself something nice, go somewhere that makes you happy, etc. Also, you can try journaling. It’s a great way to get your feelings out!

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Anonymous asked: HI, I don't really know where to start. Is it possible to suppress your submissive side to where when you finally let it out and the person that causes/brings it out and doesn't care fir his little could it cause great depression in the little?

DJ: Any kind of rejected release of a suppressed part of us can cause depression. Some of us have suppressed our little selves to protect them. But when we let that side out only to be rejected it hurts like hell

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beardsbesexy asked: So I have heard mixed things about this so maybe you can make it a little clearer. I feel like I identify 100% with everything about the lg role of the DD/lg relationship, except for the regression part. I don't have a little space, I don't feel younger ever. But I want the snuggles and the mentorship and the little bit lighter dominance that a Daddy Dom seems to have. I guess basically what I am asking is, what defines a little? Do you have to have some sort of regression? Or not?

DA: Daddy and I have been together for a bit over three years. When we were first together, we kind of discovered DD/lg naturally and kind of by accident, it just seemed to fit. In the beginning I didn’t regress, but it was more about an increased degree of vulnerability with him. As we progressed, that little me inside felt safer to make herself known. Regression is not something that you ‘do’ it’s not a conscious thing. It just kind of happens organically, as as you come closer to your Daddy. To answer the question in short, you do not have to regress to be a little or to have a Daddy, but it may happen as you get closer to your Daddy.

TP: I think for me the word vulnerable and the idea of safety and being cherished are part of it. I don’t regress, but i feel girlish and like my Daddy is my mentor and protector.

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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to share how excited I am that daddy called himslef daddy today!!! Eeeeppp he had told me when we began entering this dynamic that it weirded him out and he didnt like it. I am such a hally little right now!!!!!

That is so awesome!

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Anonymous asked: Hi, to that one anon, I just call my daddy DeDe, although he isn't exactly the "dominant" type, because I'm a spoiled rotten princess. But he takes good care of me and keeps me in line!

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Anonymous asked: I recently discovered ddlg and when I identified as a little I felt such relief. My bf of a year and a half was interested but now he says he doesn't wanna be my daddy & he just likes when I'm cute and playful and now I'm heartbroken and idk what to do. It's more than being cute and playful. I really want him to be my daddy and now I'm sad.

BS: Sorry to hear that, but not lose hope. Maybe that means your REAL daddy is still out there waiting for you. Be patient and have faith that you’ll get what you deserve.

LC: I’m sorry. I know that’s painful. It’s more than a title. It’s coming to rely on that person. On the comfort they give you. And when it’s gone you feel like you’ve crumbled into a million pieces. I hope that things get better for you

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Anonymous asked: i love everything about dd/lg relationships except the idea of calling him "daddy" and i dont know how to talk to him about it. i want him to set bedtimes and make rules and give me sweeties if i'm good and spank me if i'm bad and we're very much bordering on this. i have a little space but i'm not sure if he approves :(

KS: You don’t have to call him Daddy if you aren’t comfortable with it. There are no rules that say you have to. Do what feels right for you and your partner.

CA: You could just call him Sir or Master. I know of a few DD/lg couples that dont use ’ Daddy’ as they are not comfortable with it. Also the style of relationships vary in many ways . I have little tendencys, but I do not age regress, but I know others that do. Everyone is different. Xx

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Anonymous asked: My daddy and I have been in a ddlg relationship for over 6 months or so but today he said he doesnt think he is much of a daddy. I dont know whether this means he doesnt like it or he thinks he isnt good at it. But the problem is that I am very twitchy and get frightened easily and during normal sex however having him in the daddy role not only increases my pleasure but how safe I feel. Help?

CA: You need to find out what he meant and go from there. Communication is the key to this lifestyle.

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Anonymous asked: I'm really quiet when it comes to pleasure but I know that most Daddies like hearing the moans and gasps, how can I make them happy without sounding fake?

RW: Relax and let go. If it feels good, tell daddy. Pay attention to your body. Focus on the feeling of it all. Let your voice act like a loud speaker for those feelings. If all else fails, use words and tell daddy how good it feels and how show him how good a job he is doing that way.

DA: I have always been silent. With Daddy, I have become more vocal, not a screamer, but enough to make him smile, lol. Just relax, it comes with time and trust