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Anonymous asked: I'm wanting to try out this whole BDSM thing with my gf, and really like the idea of restraints and gags. We already have a safe word, but what kind of thing can we use as a "safe word" when using restraints AND a gag?

Depending on the position the person is restrained in, tapping on the headboard/wall is a good one because it makes a sound loud enough to hear. You could also use snapping as a good, loud signal. Jingling keys or a bell is also an option, or squeaking a pet toy. Or a common one used on Kink.com is three quick grunts. No props are needed, and its pretty easy to remember. 

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Anonymous asked: How long is it safe to wear an anal plug (silicone) for? My Dom wants me to wear one at work, and I sometimes work really long hours. Just want to make sure I don't end up damaging something by overwearing. Also, I've cleaned it many many times (with soap and water and with toy cleaners) but it has picked up a funky smell. How do I get rid of the odor? Thanks!

There is no point at which it is suddenly dangerous. The danger is ignoring pain and not taking a break when your body needs it. Don’t go from wearing one for an hour at home to attempting a full day at work. You gotta work your way up to that, so you know how your body will react. You shouldn’t damage anything as long as you give your body time to recover and keep things lubricated. (Don’t use silicone lube with silicone toys, it can ruin them)

Make sure you bring supplies to take the plug out if it becomes uncomfortable at work and your bathroom has stalls so you wouldn’t have access to a sink without someone seeing. Think single packets of hand sanitizing wipes that you could toss in the toilet and a Ziploc bag to put in a purse. You never know how your body may feel about it and it’s better to be safe than sorry when you are doing something so extended in your place of employment.

As for the smell, you can try running it through the dishwasher or boiling it in water for about 5 minutes (keep it moving so it does not melt to the bottom of the pan)

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Anonymous asked: My girlfriend is coming over later, we do some light restraining, usually just a silk scarf tied around the wrists. However, she forgot to bring it.What could I use in a pinch to get the job done? Nothing too exotic around my house.

Be careful with ties and scarves in the future. The fabric is known to lock up very tightly so it’s very difficult to untie, and they’re not usually wide or long enough to wrap enough times to distribute pressure evenly. These can lead to nerve and circulation issues. You want to use something that is sturdy (not stretchy), and comfortable. Try a belt or a thick rope if you have access to some. 

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Anonymous asked: So my girlfriend admitted to me yesterday that she has a pregnancy fetish. As in like, being pregnant. However, neither of us wants, or is in a position to actually have kids. I'm not really sure what I can do to help her with regards to that fetish outside of actually getting her pregnant, something neither of us actually wants. So yeah, got any idea what I can/should do? :\

I feel like the easiest/safest way to indulge her fetish would be to talk dirty to her about getting her pregnant during sex. For example: I’m going to come inside you and fill you up/we’re going to keep trying until you’re pregnant/I can’t want to be a daddy/you’re going to look so sexy with a baby inside you, etc.

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Anonymous asked: I am a daddy and I have had a little for about 2 years. Im 32, and she is 25. She is my gf as well. We are a great couple, but I have some trust issues from her cheating early in the relationship. Lately she has been flirting pretty bad with her boss again and when I mentioned it made me uneasy, she didnt seem to understand how it could be a seen as a problem, and went as far as to mention to her friends that i was being silly or stupid because of my concern. I could really use some advice.

She is not be respectful towards your relationship at all. The fact that she has been forgiven for cheating in the past and you have since tried moving forward should really have had a bit more of an impact on her behavior. Unfortunately, it seems that it hasn’t. Flirting isn’t cheating but it could be considered a huge breach of trust in the same respect.

I think your best bet is to try to have a conversation with her about it. When she isn’t being little and you aren’t angry or upset. Sometimes our emotions can really could our judgement and it isn’t a lot of fun trying to talk to our partner that way.

Depending on how she responds here are some next steps that you can take:

  1. If she is mocking and unapologetic: You may need to take a break from her. Ask her to evaluate the value the relationship that holds in her life. She needs to value you and your relationship, not be disrespectful towards you to her friends or anyone else for that matter.

  2. If she is apologetic: Make sure she understands that it is up to her to build up trust with you. You should not have to be hearing things from other people or watch her flirt with other people. She may be hurt by this but if she really cares about you she will work to make the relationship work. Let her know that you are supportive and still care, but you have feelings as well.

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Anonymous asked: I met an online sub that wants to be blackmailed and I'm not sure if I can/want to do it. She wants me to post her photos on Tumblr and other sites and 'out' her for being a dirty little whore, but I don't feel comfortable doing so.

You are perfectly fine to say no. Hard and soft limits are there for a reason. Bottoms need to respect the limits of tops just as much as tops need to respect the limits of the bottoms.

Also, how do you know that the pictures she wants posted are of her, and not someone else she wants to get in trouble/embarrass?

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Anonymous asked: Daddy and I had an argument this morning and haven't spoken since. I've been so sad all day, and it breaks my heart that he hasn't messaged or called me at all. We don't fight a lot, and when we do we always talk about it and apologise to each other, but this time feels different :( I'm worried that me being so upset has hurt my opinion of our relationship and how I view him. I'm not sure what to do, and this is the only place I felt like I could vent.

Giving him space is a good first step. It is important to keep communication clear, and also realize when both of you are too emotional to have a logical and problem-solving conversation. I hope things have get better for you, and please remember that you can always vent here. :)

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Anonymous asked: My Daddy cheated on me.. more than once in one year. His apologies and pleas are so sincere and he has let me go through all of his messages everyday. I want to make it work but I feel so foolish and the pain is nearly unbearable. I'm terrified that maybe he doesn't really love me but he doesn't gain anything from being with me superficially or physically so why else would he be with me? I don't know what to do... I can't be little with him anymore more.

AG: If the trust is broken on your part, it’s time to leave. His actions have left you doubting yourself and has harmed your self confidence. Not to mention that his actions could have put you in danger of catching an STD. That does not make him a good daddy for you. You deserve better. Frankly if he has cheated more than once on you he is at a high rate for doing it again. Go and find yourself a daddy who deserves your adoration and submission. The one you have now is undeserving!

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Anonymous asked: I've been super stressed lately, so I've been retreating into little space more. But I keep being unable to let go of my stress while being little, which makes me wanna retreat more, which makes me more stressed cause it isn't helping, and it's turning into this big awful feedback loop and I'm not sure what to do. Do you have any thoughts that might help me?

Do you have a Daddy or Mommy? Sometimes a long, hard spanking is enough to bring about a catharsis. If you go into subspace from it, even better. And lots of cuddles and ‘good girl’ afterwards will help too.