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Anonymous asked: Hi, to that one anon, I just call my daddy DeDe, although he isn't exactly the "dominant" type, because I'm a spoiled rotten princess. But he takes good care of me and keeps me in line!

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Anonymous asked: I recently discovered ddlg and when I identified as a little I felt such relief. My bf of a year and a half was interested but now he says he doesn't wanna be my daddy & he just likes when I'm cute and playful and now I'm heartbroken and idk what to do. It's more than being cute and playful. I really want him to be my daddy and now I'm sad.

BS: Sorry to hear that, but not lose hope. Maybe that means your REAL daddy is still out there waiting for you. Be patient and have faith that you’ll get what you deserve.

LC: I’m sorry. I know that’s painful. It’s more than a title. It’s coming to rely on that person. On the comfort they give you. And when it’s gone you feel like you’ve crumbled into a million pieces. I hope that things get better for you

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Anonymous asked: i love everything about dd/lg relationships except the idea of calling him "daddy" and i dont know how to talk to him about it. i want him to set bedtimes and make rules and give me sweeties if i'm good and spank me if i'm bad and we're very much bordering on this. i have a little space but i'm not sure if he approves :(

KS: You don’t have to call him Daddy if you aren’t comfortable with it. There are no rules that say you have to. Do what feels right for you and your partner.

CA: You could just call him Sir or Master. I know of a few DD/lg couples that dont use ’ Daddy’ as they are not comfortable with it. Also the style of relationships vary in many ways . I have little tendencys, but I do not age regress, but I know others that do. Everyone is different. Xx

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Anonymous asked: My daddy and I have been in a ddlg relationship for over 6 months or so but today he said he doesnt think he is much of a daddy. I dont know whether this means he doesnt like it or he thinks he isnt good at it. But the problem is that I am very twitchy and get frightened easily and during normal sex however having him in the daddy role not only increases my pleasure but how safe I feel. Help?

CA: You need to find out what he meant and go from there. Communication is the key to this lifestyle.

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Anonymous asked: I'm really quiet when it comes to pleasure but I know that most Daddies like hearing the moans and gasps, how can I make them happy without sounding fake?

RW: Relax and let go. If it feels good, tell daddy. Pay attention to your body. Focus on the feeling of it all. Let your voice act like a loud speaker for those feelings. If all else fails, use words and tell daddy how good it feels and how show him how good a job he is doing that way.

DA: I have always been silent. With Daddy, I have become more vocal, not a screamer, but enough to make him smile, lol. Just relax, it comes with time and trust

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youngbabyprincess asked: Hiiiii I'm brigitte im a new little but have been wanting a daddy for awhile. Your blog is the best!!! Hopefully I can find my perfect daddy heheehheh

Thanks, and best of luck to you!

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Anonymous asked: I've recently discovered that I'm pretty sure I'm a little. I love to be coddled and babied, I love acting childish and doing lots of "little" activities like coloring and watching cartoons. I'm just not sure if I'm really a little because I don't understand this "little space" concept. It seems like it's an alternate state of mind that people drop into when they do those things. I can't figure out how to get there or what it should feel like or what I should do? Or am I not really a little?

SM: Little Space is basically how you are when you’re feeling little or childlike. You’re in your little space when you color and watch cartoons or giggle like a kid. When you’re a little you usually have 2 states of mind. When you’re little, ex: coloring, cartoons, wanting to be coddled, etc. And when you have to be an adult. Like working, taking care of kids, or anything adults have to do. I hope i explained that pretty well.

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curiouskitten277 asked: I have a question - I've always liked being submissive in the bedroom. But stumbling upon this and reading some info makes me curious. I have a lot of tendencies of a "little" and my husband naturally does some daddy like tendencies. Should I talk to him about all this and try to implement more of this lifestyle? How do I talk to him about it? Also is it ok to JUST have that relationship in the bedroom? Just to make sure I'm comfortable??

AM: Talk to him. Do some research both here and on Google. Have your ducks lined up so you can address any questions he may have. Best of luck, and let us know how it goes or if you need any help or further advice.

BS: You should talk to him about it, since it sounds like a good fit for both of you. As far as where your little side comes out, if in the bedroom works for you both do what comes naturally.