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Anonymous asked: I need advice urgently, but more than 250 characters is needed is there anyway?

You can send fan mail or you can just send it in segments of 250 characters.

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry but what does a CG/l or LDR means?... sorry...

LDR - long distance relationship
CGL - caregiver/little

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Anonymous asked: Im 17 turning 18 in december and love the idea of having a daddy, but am i too young or should i wait before finding a daddy??

In my honest opinion you should wait until you are at least 18 years old before pursuing a DD/lg or CG/l relationship.

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Anonymous asked: Okay so I've been researching and into ddlg for about a year, and I have a LDR with my daddy that's been going on for a few months. He never ever ever ever does anything that even resembles aftercare. We don't even talk after. He always just says he has to go... Is aftercare uncommon for a LDR? Thanks!!!

No it’s not, and to just as important in a LDR as it is in any BDSM relationship. Send him some articles or web pages on aftercare and let him know that this is something you expect him to do when you are doing playing or done with a scene.

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forgetisaidit asked: I think it's really really good that you all are spreading awareness of liking anything! As a gender-fluid little sometimes I play with trucks, action figures, etc. and I really appreciate other littles knowing its not wrong to be any gender and play with any type of toy! :) Keep being beautiful, we're all wonderful and perfect in our own way. <3


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sadnymphetkitten asked: Hi. I'm a little and I was wondering how to Make my semi-raggedy stuffed dog a little cuter.

You could make/buy clothing for your dog or add some cute ribbon or bows. 

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Anonymous asked: It bothers me how unaccepting you are of minors. Experienced DDlgers should be willing to help and give unbiased advice so they don't turn to creeps who will hurt them.


I am not posting any underage post, or not answering any underage related questions on my blog, because this is a 18+ blog. It is a federal United Status law that if a website contains sexually graphic pictures or nudity, or sexually graphic writing, then no one under 18 is legally allow to view that web page. Just because I follow the law does not mean that I don’t support helping teens who are new to discovering their little side or their Daddy or Mommy side. 

In fact, you should probably take a harder look at my blog before making that judgement. As I answered an anon question in a lot of detail in June regarding this very specific topic of helping teens who are discovering this part of themselves before being 18. The post can be found right here. 

I highly suggest if you are a teen that you read that. I have now put that in my FAQ section to not only help others in a legal environment but so that any incorrect assumptions are made again. 

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Anonymous asked: How do i bring up to a girlfriend that i am interested in DDlg or Sub/dom in general

Just say it, there is no need to beat around the bush. Ask her if she would be willing to try it. “Hey Jen, have you ever thought about BDSM? Would you be interested in trying something like that?” or…. “I know you like to make me happy, how about we try ….. sometime”.

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aint-no-just-another-one asked: Hello! I'm a fairly new Little. As much as I love Tinkerbell and my Disney princesses, I love LOVE boy toys (robots, figures, superheroes). Is it not okay for a Little to not like girly toys? :(

It is perfectly fine to like boy toys! You can like whatever you like. 

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kitty-princessxx asked: hi!! I'm super new to this and looking for a mommy or daddy, is there any advice you have for finding like-minded people? :) x

Just be yourself and don’t settle! If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with someone you don’t have to submit to them. Trust your gut and look out for common red flags