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Fake “dom” VERSES trained empowered sub.
Know the difference!
Thanks to LH for allowing Me to post this. 


True. Everyone needs to take note, just because you identify as a submissive, doesn’t mean that you have to follow through on everything. Stick up for yourself. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

This is like every guy on collarme

Excellent example of how a sub should handle things. Fuck so-called doms who think this how it’s supposed to be.

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sir-loves-his-little asked: Do you have any advice for helping your little be less self-conscious about being a little? She loves being a little, but is too afraid to buy coloring books...

Not many people (if any) are going to question her if she goes to a store and pickups a coloring book, stickers, or kids toys. If it makes it easier for her she can always pretend she is buying the coloring books for a niece/nephew/kid she babysits. 

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How To Properly Discipline With A Belt - Lets Do It Right

Once the decision to discipline has been made - and for a couple that can be a consensual agreement (but once that agreement is made - how much, how long and how hard is no longer consensual).

For partners, spouses or teens (I don’t recommend a belt until about 12 or so) -

Here are some good guidelines:

Pants belts hold psychological significance for many people who share this interest. However, they are not the most efficient means of giving discipline. However I have used the following techniques with good results:

1) Select belts that are worn and supple, these I think are easier to control.
2) Never ever use the buckle end (You probably know that)
3) Never use belts with rivets, studs or any other decoration that can break skin (the chain belt is completely out of the question)

- Doubling up is good for longer belts, but for shorter ones can be rolled into the hand and used as a single tail strap
- Only use a length of belt that you can control. Do this by making sure that as you swing the end will not wrap on to the hip
- as with anything else, take aim first

Practice, practice practice…..use a pillow as a target and try it at home (better than practicing is, say, the public library). Perhaps finding the right belt at a thrift or resale shop so you have one that you know you can use.

Belts vary incredibly. The typical, single layer, dryish leather, dress belt is not much of an implement, it is too light and bouncy and also may land unwanted edge hits. But so long as it doesn’t have the undesirable tendency to want to twist and produce those edge hits, it might be good to learn with and maybe appropriate for applying a fast-paced spanking that won’t overwhelm too much.

On the other hand, some heavy, thick, wide, work belts are pretty much too heavy and “clubby”, especially after they have gained weight from sweat, dirt, oils, etc.

The best belts are not too heavy, but very flexible, supple and controllable. My favorite is an old work belt that has absorbed some weight but is also so worn that it has stretched quite a bit, making it thinner and more supple and flexible rather than heavy and clubby.

You must understand and control the “snap the whip” effect of any flexible implement. The end of the belt - whether used as a single-layer strap or doubled up like the archetypical spanking belt - can be very abusive. It is good to try to get a flat landing of the belt on the bottom rather than a hit that wraps around thus accelerating the tip. Also, the longer the belt extends from your hand, the more problematic this effect may be.

A nice supple leather belt used appropriately does a beautifully thorough job of spanking a bottom. Laid carefully - avoiding letting the end make deep bruises - and applied for an extended period of time, it can create a bottom so completely red and hot that it appears translucent, but which only has a minor black and blue cast the next day.

If the spanking is to have more of a punishment tone, you can let the end have a little more of that “snap the whip” action, but be sure it is spanking the rear end, not the side of the hips. Held short and used in this manner you can really focus in on a special spot and get a lot of reaction! Let your conscience be your guide.

This has only covered a couple of the types of belts out there. Nice men’s dress belts probably have two lawyers edge-stitched together. Some will have a third layer of some sort contained within the two outer layers. Some - particularly the two layer ones - will have an outer layer that is actually some sort of vinyl. The engrossed spanking couple looking to learn the field should spend a nice afternoon or evening sampling the several types and getting to know their personalities!

I always look the lady in the eye and remove the belt slowly as I lecture or tell her she is “in for it” or something along those lines. The verbal is just as important as the belt - as you have to engage her mind as well as her body - do it slowly and make sure the belt you are using is soft and somewhat flexible. I like wide belts, but think thinner ones will work as well but be careful the thinner they are the more likely they are to leave welts!

Now Bend over and get yourself ready!

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bigworld-littlesoul asked: Hi! I'm new to DDlg play, and I'm not 100% sure where to start. I've always felt little, but have been exploring that side more recently. I'm married to a butch, and want to bring up the idea of DDlg to her, but I'm not quite sure how. She's a little more on the vanilla side, but I think it's something she could get into. Any thoughts on how to introduce the idea?

The best way to do so is to sit down with her and explain the lifestyle. Let her know that you identify as a little and you want to explore this dynamic with her. Answer any questions she may have or direct her to a website to help her understand. If she really doesn’t feel the lifestyle is for her don’t force it. 

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Anonymous asked: I need a little advice, please? I love my Daddy very very much and he is good to me. But lately he doesn't seem too interested in being around me anymore and sometimes ignores me completely. I love him very much and don't want to seem too needy...

Sometimes littles are needy and that is ok. You need to let your Daddy know that you are feeling neglected and talk about what you can both do to fix that.

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kitty-princessxx asked: hi!! (◡‿◡✿) i'm a little and i'm very very new to this, do you have any advice for finding a daddy or mommy?

Be yourself, be patient, and don’t settle. You deserve the best. :) 

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Anonymous asked: I've always been into the dd/lg lifestyle but never told my boyfriend because I thought he would be freaked out. Today we were having sex and I accidentally called him Daddy. It turns out he felt the exact same way. He was into it but thought it would freak me out! Now we're both very happy and comfortable together, just wanted to share!

How exciting!

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Anonymous asked: Can you list some things that a Daddy can say to His little one that will make her feel very... Well, little?

NBO: "Good girl", "that’s my girl", "sweet girl", "silly little girl", "little love". Those could be interchangeable for baby boys too. My Daddy tells me those a lot and i love hearing it. It’s even better if He strokes my hair during to reinforce the affectionate tone. Also, “let Daddy see/help” and generally referring to Himself as Daddy to reinforce that He feels like a Daddy because if you believe He’s in the Daddy mode, it can help you get into little mode.

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daddy-loves-little asked: You're doing a good job. Keep it up..

Thank you. 

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Anonymous asked: Are there any ddlg dating sites?

CGL Dating and Personals: facebook.com/groups/187267711483303
BDSM Dating and Personals: facebook.com/groups/BDSMDating2